Friday Power Round Up!

I tried a few services that Refined Aesthetics provides FOR SCIENCE!

Reading about all of the things that people do for their health absolutely fascinates me. Reading about what people do for vanity fascinates me even more. Due to all of the reporting I do for mags, I get access to some pretty interesting beauty services. As someone that is not a stranger to what is often called body modification, I don’t judge people who want to do things that aren’t as noticeable as a tattoo or piercing, but may have a similar effect on self esteem or well being, so I tried them for myself.

I eventually got my very first Botox injection with the founder of Refined Aesthetics, Dr. Ahoubim, a neurologist who first began using these injections to treat migraine patients, but we will get to all of that!

Champagne, Cheese, and Vitamins, Please!

I honestly first went to check out the practice opening for the cheese and bubbly, curious about what they did, but not at all interested in Botox. When they offered me one of those B12 shots I had always heard of, my vegetarian ass could not say no.

Holy shit what a difference! For at least five days after, my normally sluggish bod woke up like someone threw firecrackers over my bed, minus the crying part from when that really occurred, because my brother is a douche canoe. It was pretty awesome to wake up so peacefully, considering I’m known as “the beast of the morning” by the family. One downside was a sore buttcheek at the injection site for about as long as the immediate positive results lasted, a tradeoff! I’d do it again in a half a second, because I’m terrible at waking up no matter when it has to happen.

The Ultimate Restoration: IV Infusions

It’s been a long time since I have gotten hungover with any severity. My hangovers are known throughout my friendship circles as ‘ungodly’ and ‘unnatural’. I wish that I knew about these infusions on my worst wakings, It’s likely I would have shelled out the cash to get home service, or maybe even stopped by the midtown office preemptively in the morning on the way to my bed from my terribly awesome pawty girl times.

Nowadays it’s more about gaining energy, immunity, and beauty, (haha, getting old is sweet) so I chose a hydrating IV infusion to test that has lots of Vitamin C, multiple B vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and hangover/flu/moodiness busting antioxidants like NAC and glutathione. Seriously consider a fluid house call from the Doc and his peeps if you are recovering from any serious stomach illnesses or viral madness, fluids and vitamins straight into your bloodstream are an express train to being able to eat pizza again.

Lots of peeing was my biggest worry, but this vitamin infusion helped me get back on the right track after some back to back food poisoning. I felt much more human after this, and the overall wellness feeling lasted for days. My skin was more plump and dewy, and I didn’t wake up with the dehydration headaches I had been having after being sick. A+ way to get it together. I feel better knowing about this if I ever do get one of those gnarly hangovers ever again. But I can’t say I hope that day comes!

The BEST part: The Tox

It was a good thing I did. After chatting with some other ladies in my life who love the Botox, I decided it was a good choice for maybe unlearning this super-furrow now that I have an up-to-date prescription. I went in last week, and three days later my furrow is decidedly less pronounced. It’s not all the way gone, and that’s ok, but I have noticed some other benefits, like my squinty eye being less squinty, therefore I have a much more awake appearance. So that’s pretty cool, because sometimes my squinty eye bums me out.

I’d say that’s a major improvement. It will last 3 months or so, and we’ll see what happens from there. If I was a regular user of these services, I would pay the extra dough for home service for two reasons: 1. It’s a neurologist delivering all cosmetic injections, this is a duh. 2. If I was sick enough (not emergency sicknesses of course) to need fluids, I would rather not leave the house anyway!! I’m keeping this one on file for wedding season dawg, it’s hard to drink when you don’t really drink!



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