In-Office Botox Is Now Available (and We’re Kind of Digging It)

The latest in game-changing concierge services has arrived

By Alexis Rhiannon

You get your groceries/toiletries/laundry delivered straight to your apartment/office/corner bistro. You get your hair/makeup/nails done in the comfort of your apartment/office/local bodega (well, you probably could, anyway).

How could things possibly get any more convenient for you? How about on-demand Botox?

Before you get all judge-y, hear us out: We tried a new concierge service that brought the Botox straight to our office…and straight to our faces. Ahead, all your eyebrow-raising questions, answered.

What’s the deal?

We scheduled a session with a new luxury concierge service, Refined Aesthetics, to try out a little facial upkeep in our midtown office. Dr. Daniel Ahoubim (a board-certified neurologist and aesthetic medicine specialist with a practice on Fifth Avenue) showed up right on time. After a quick consultation and closer inspection of our visage, the doc injected 50 units of Botox around our eyes, between our eyebrows and into those deeper forehead lines. Then: He packed up and left. Easy.

Did it hurt?

A little. (Think: A bee sting, but from a very tiny, baby bee. He uses the smallest syringe on the market.) Our skin got little welts immediately after, but they were virtually gone within half an hour, so we were back to client meetings in no time.

How long did it take?

Start to finish: 20 minutes.

What’s the damage?

One Botox session runs $650 (consultation and travel included), which is comparable to typical med spa pricing. For the facial filler averse, Refined Aesthetics offers a host of other on-demand services, like IV infusions for energy, hydration and detox; B12 booster shots; and a Kardashian-approved “blood facial.”

But how obvious is it that you’re, like, getting Botox in your office?

Dr. Abouhim was dressed to the nines (no surgical mask or lab coat for this one), so it was pretty discreet. We booked our office conference room for the whole procedure, and our colleagues were none the wiser. For the super-undercover types, he also does home visits (Manhattan and Brooklyn only).



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